PLAYSTOOLS invite people to play with furniture by employing interactive light and sound. When connected wirelessly to each other, Playstools turn into a game inspired by the Music Chairs, via an interactive interface. Come & play with us!

Photo by Andrea Penisto for Elle Decor Italia.

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Artemis Papageorgiou

Artemis Papageorgiou

Entropika is a design lab operating in the intersection of art, design and technology. We design experiences that challenge notions of spatiality, participation and play. We employ representation, simulation and open-ended design to articulate our vision of an interconnected, material and digital culture. Our universe is inhabited by digital craft, biological structures, homemade electronics, tactile spaces and knitted architectures. From large scale installations in public space, to interactive furniture, paper electronics and learning kits, we invite people to take part in the experience, experiment and play. Entropika was founded in 2014 by Artemis Papageorgiou, a multimedia artist and designer, with expertise on small scale architecture and interaction design. She was then joined by Gabriella Mastrangelo, a designer specialising in interior design and material science. Our work has been shown internationally and recently presented at: Athens Sceince Festival (2017), Matera Design Weekend (Matera, 2016), Folk Inspirations Festival (Lodz 2016), Next Design Innovation (Milan Design Week 2016), w00t festival (Copenhague 2015), In\Visible Cities Multimedia Festival (Gorizia 2015), Habitapulia2020 (Milan Design Week 2015), RGB Light Festival (Rome 2015), Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire (London 2014) among other.